COVID-19 News & Information


COVID-19 -- What's the Latest News?

COVID-19 County of San Diego

Face Coverings

CDPH COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers

COSD-Vaccine Requirements for Healthcare Facilities eff 9-30-21


DHR Policy 121 & 122  COVID-19 Vaccine Status

DHR POLICY 121 UPDATE - Vaccination Status Face Masking Requirements

DHR Policy 122 UPDATE - Vaccination Status & Masking Requirements

ASDCE Informed Decisions Policy 121 & 122

ASDCE Q & A DHR Policy 121 & 122


COVID-19 & Work Rules - (CR & CM Units)

06-18-21 DHR Covid FAQs for County Employees

4-1-20 About Work, Telework or Staying Home Sick on Leave

3-19-20 CR UNIT Essential Workers

3-19-20 CM UNIT Essential Workers


COVID-19 Hazard Pay (CR & CM Negotiations)

CR & CM Units Hazard Pay TA_asdce signed 7-1-2021


COVID-19  Paid Leave Benefits (CR & CM Units)

120 Hrs - Pandemic Advanced Credit Leave (CR & CM)


COVID-19--County Public Health Orders

Health Officer Orders - COSD

7-24-2020 Quarantine of Persons Exposed to COVID-19.pdf

7-24-20 Isolation of All Persons with or Likely to have COVID-19


COVID-19 -- CDC Center for Disease & Control

CDC- Symptoms & Testing

Stay Home If You're Sick - Stop the Spread - CDC

People Who Need to Take Extra Precautions - CDC

PPE Masks & What's the Difference? - CDC


COVID-19 -- California

CDPH Order -Correctional Facilities-Detention Centers-Health Care Worker Vaccination Order 8-19-21

CDPH Order-Health Care Worker Vaccine Requirement 9-30-21

CDPH Health Officer Order July 26, 21

CAL OSHA Revised ETS July 17, 21

CAL-OSHA COVID-19  Workplace Safety Rules - PPE's


Other News & Information

2022 ASDCE Payday Holiday Calendar

2022 ASDCE Flex Benefit Summary

2022 LOU Juneteenth HOL_ASDCE CR CM signed 1-12-22


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