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COVID-19 -- ASDCE Updates / CR & CM Units

  • Effective June 2, 2020:  Safe Reopening Plan - See 060220 Public Health Officer Order 
  • Effective May 1, 2020:  All County residents will be required to cover their face while they are out in public and within six feet of someone that is not a household member.
  •  The County is taking steps needed to prepare for dialing back restrictions. Some restrictions will be relaxed for parks and golf courses if they can enforce social distancing. 


060220 Public Health Officer Order

4-24-20 ASDCE - Latest Changes to Public Health Order

4-24-20 ASDCE - New Testing Sites

↓ COVID-19 & Work Rules

4-1-20 ASDCE - About Work, Telework or Staying Home Sick on Leave

3-19-20 CR UNIT Essential Workers

3-19-20 CM UNIT Essential Workers

↓ COVID-19  & Paid Leave Benefits

4-1-20 - 80 Hrs Paid Leave - Families First Coronavirus Leave Act

3-16-20  CR & CM LOU - 120 Hrs - Pandemic Advanced Credit Leave

↓ COVID-19 EMERGENCY Public Health Orders

3-30-20 Public Health Order Extended Indefinitely

3-20-20 Stay Home for Essential Needs Order CA

3-16-20 County Order of the Health Officer & Emergency


COVID-19 -- CDC Center for Disease & Control

CDC- Symptoms & Testing

How to Protect Yourself from COVID-19 -- CDC FAQ's

Wash Your Hands - Don't Touch Your Face - CDC

Stay Home If You're Sick - Stop the Spread - CDC

People Who Need to Take Extra Precautions - CDC

Stress & Coping - CDC

PPE Masks & Respirator Info - CDC

PPE Masks & What's the Difference? - CDC


COVID-19 -- California

California COVID-19

California Dept. of Public Health

CAL-OSHA COVID-19  Standards for the Workplace

CAL-OSHA COVID-19  Workplace Safety Rules - PPE's

CA-DIR-Department of Industrial Relations

EDD Employment Development Department

Labor and Workforce Development Agency


COVID-19 -- County of San Diego

County News Center

County of San Diego-COVID-19

↓ Help & Community Resources

2-1-1  San Diego

2-1-1  Live Well  San Diego

↓ COVID-19 "New DHR Work Rules"

3-13-20 DHR - COVID-19 FAQ's for County Employees

↓ COVID-19 "New DHR Policy - 80 Hours of Paid Leave"

Family First Coronavirus Response Act - DHR FML Policy 605



4-1-20 CAO Helen Robbins-Meyer Message

3-30-20 CAO Helen Robbins-Meyer Message

3-21-20 CAO Helen Robbins-Meyer Message

3-19-20 CAO Helen Robbins-Meyer Message


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